Aphasia Recovery and Literacy

To the literacy council coordinator, I was explaining that I wanted to help an aphasic stroke victim whose speech therapy had “run out”. I felt her speech might benefit from developing better reading skills. Did the literacy council ever work with aphasic stroke students?

She asked if I’d written a book. When I confirmed I had, she said, “We had an aphasic gentleman on our waiting list, but we didn’t know how to serve him. After I read your book, I was able to match him with a mentor.” Mentioning this conversation at a stroke support meeting, the man next to me said, “That is me. That is me!”

He told us his stroke took place 23 years ago. In the first four years after his stroke, he could speak four words. After 12 years, 80 words. Then, in the last four and a half years, he had been helped by a literacy council in California and now the Whatcom Literacy Council. His English teacher mentor helped him learn to read. Although his speech is still halting, he is able to speak competently in complete sentences. When asked if learning to read aloud helped his speech, his unequivocal answer was, “Yes!”

Carol Schultz, Author

Crossing the Void: My Aphasic Journey


2 Responses to “Aphasia Recovery and Literacy”

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