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Aphasia: Communicating With Your Doctor

August 19, 2012

Dr. Baylor of the UW Department of Rehabilitation Medicine offers tips to aphasics about how to communicate with your doctor or other healthcare provider.


She says that most doctors do not learn how to communicate with aphasic patients. Do not assume your doctor knows how to communicate with you! Doctors want to help, but might not know how.


What can you do? Your family can help you.

  • Ask for a longer appointment.

Sometimes it helps to schedule the last appointment of the day when the doctor does not have to rush on to the next patient.

  • Before the appointment, write down any questions you have for the doctor.
  • Give your doctor 3 or 4 communication ideas that will help him communicate with you.
  • Bring your communication book or other communication aid. Show your doctor how to use it with you.
  • Do not pretend to understand the doctor if you do not. Tell the doctor you do not understand.
  • Let the doctor know if he misunderstands you.
  • Bring a family member of friend who can help you communicate and take notes.


Contributed by Dr. Carolyn Baylor and Dr. JoAnn Silkes, Aphasia Day 2012